go-filecoin 0.3.2版本更新公告(中英对照)

go-filecoin 0.3.2 is released

Go-filecoin 0.3.2已经发布!


We’re happy to announce go-filecoin 0.3.2. This release is a big step towards completing the filecoin storage protocol. It includes many changes to the miner actor builtin smart contract that will allow the network to securely account for verifiable storage power once fault handling is in place. Many less visible but high impact code and testing improvements ship with this release. 0.3.2 also includes a big UX improvement with the new and improved go-filecoin deals command for user friendly management of storage deals. Getting paid as a storage miner is now as simple as a single CLI call.

我们很高兴地通知各位,go-filecoin 0.3.2版本已经正式发布。这是完成Filecoin储存协议开发应用的一大步,本次版本更新包括对矿工这一角色内置智能合约的更新,这可以让网络在处理好错误后能更安全地验证网络储存能力。0.3.2版本附带了许多看起来不显眼但实际影响很大的代码,以及相关的测试和改进。本次更新还包括了一项对用户体验很大的改进,也提升了go-filecoin deals 命令对于用户储存交易管理的友好性。作为一个储存矿工获得挖矿奖励将更加简单,就像调用一个CLI一样。


Features 重点

🏇 Storage protocol nearing completeness 储存协议即将完工

Our number one goal is a network securely powered by verifiable storage. In order for this to work we need to penalize cheating miners who do not prove their storage on time. This release includes most of the groundwork needed, including fundamental data structures and encoding work for tracking sets of sectors, improved power tracking in the miner actor built-in smart contract, and charging fees for late storage proof (PoSt) submissions. Expect these changes to blossom into the complete fault reporting mechanism in the next release.

我们的首要目标是通过可验证的储存协议来推动网络的安全运行。为了达到这一目的,我们需要惩罚那些没有及时提供其储存证明的作弊矿工。本次更新包含了(储存协议的)大部分基础内容,包括记录(储存)扇区设置的基本数据结构与编码工具,(这将)增进矿工对记录内置智能合约的动力,并对延迟提交储存证明(PoSt)的行为收取费用。在下一个版本中这些变化将有望成为“完整的错误报告机制”(Complete Fault Reporting Mechanism,可参见Girhub上filecoin-project/specs中的Faults.md文件)

👪 Multiple sector sizes 多扇区大小设置

In order for the network to scale gracefully, different miners may choose from a variety of different sector sizes to put data in and prove over: smaller sectors for faster and more nimble storage; larger sectors for slower but efficient storage. This release includes all of the software updates we need to support multiple sector sizes in a single network; however, we plan to properly vet network conditions with much bigger sectors before enabling multiple sectors sizes in the user devnet. Expect 1 GiB sectors on the user devnet in the next release.


🤝 Deal management and payments 交易管理与支付设置

Both clients and miners can now easily inspect the fine details of all storage deals they have entered into using go-filecoin deals list and go-filecoin deals show. Miners can get paid for honoring a deal by running go-filecoin deals redeem. Additionally this release ships some improvements in payment channel safety for correct arbitration of deal disputes we want down the road.

客户端和矿工可以通过 go-filecoin deals list go-filecoin deals show 指令来检视其输入的所有储存交易之详细信息。矿工能通过运行 go-filecoin deals redeem 来从撮合交易行为中获取报酬。此外,本次更新还改进了支付渠道的安全性,以便对将来(可能出现的)交易纠纷进行仲裁。


Performance and Reliability 性能与可靠性升级

🌳 Upgrade in place 相关升级已就位

This release drives home previous work on repo migrations. The go-filecoin-migrate tool (included in the go-filecoin source repo) is now complete. This release includes a proof of concept migration: upgrading on-disk chain metadata from JSON to the more compact CBOR. Landing this means we are confident that this major technical challenge is behind us, putting us one step closer to a reliable, persistent testnet.

0.3.2版本将推动Repo的迁移工作。 go-filecoin-migrate 工具(包括go-filecoin的repo)目前已开发完成,最新版本也包含了对概念证明(Proof of concept)的迁移:将磁盘上链的元数据从JSON升级到压缩性更好的CBOR。我们相信这代表我们已经克服了一个重大的技术难题。一个更加可靠而健康的测试网离我们更近了。


Refactors and Endeavors 重构与进展

📈Major testing improvements 改进主要测试(的内容)

Testing is the silent champion of reliability and development speed. This release includes tons of behind the scenes work improving the quality of existing unit and integration tests as well as adding new tests to existing code. Continued improvements to the FAST framework promise to further accelerate integration testing and devnet deployments.


💳 Tech debt paydown 技术预期部分完成

This release is not playing around when it comes to paying off technical debt. Fundamental chain refactors include an improved immutable tipset type and tipset cache sharing are at the top of the list. A major refactor of the message handling system into inbox and outbox queues is also a notable improvement. Don’t forget about a consistent internal attoFIL token type, a sleek new miner deal acceptance codepath, sector builder reliability fixes… the list goes on. We are excited to be shipping higher quality software with each release so that we can move faster towards a robust mainnet.

新版本并没有完全完成技术预期。我们优先考虑的是对主链进行重构,主要涉及 改良不可变的tipset类型(improved immutable tipset type) 与 tipset缓存共享(tipset cache sharing) 两大方面。另一个显著的优化是对消息处理系统的发件与收件序列的改进。其他工作包括(设计了)一个内部一致的attoFIL token类型,一个更流畅的新矿工交易接受代码路径,扇区构建的可靠性修复等……我们很高兴能在新版本中提供更高质量的内容,这样我们也离强健的主网更近了一步。


Changelog 日志

A full list of all 207 PRs in this release, including many bugfixes not listed here, can be found on Github.



CLI diff 命令行更新

go-filecoin command change
deals list added 新增
deals redeem added 新增
deals show added 新增
miner pledge removed 移除
mining status added 新增
show block args changed 参数变更

Contributors 贡献者

❤️ Huge thank you to everyone that made this release possible! By alphabetical order, here are all the humans who contributed to this release:


🙌🏽 Want to contribute? 想要贡献点什么?

Would you like to contribute to the Filecoin project and don’t know how? Here are a few places you can get started:


查阅贡献指南Contributing Guidelines

go-filecoinrust-fil-proofs 中查阅 good-first-issue 标签

加入Matrix/Slack社群,在#_fil-lobby 中介绍你自己并让我们知道你想为我们做些什么。



⁉️ Do you have questions? 有任何疑问?

The best place to ask your questions about go-filecoin, how it works, and what you can do with it is at discuss.filecoin.io. We are also available at the community chat on Matrix/Slack.

对于go-filecoin,以及IPFS如何工作,你可以通过它做什么等问题,在 discuss.filecoin.io 上提问是个不错的方式,你也可以在 Matrix/Slack 上提问题。








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